FFF – The Fantasy Film Festival

Welcome to the first Parisian
Fantasy Film Festival

June 12th – 13th 2021

Le Lincoln cinema, 14 Rue Lincoln,
75008 Paris

Welcome to the Fantasy Film Festival – Le festival du film du Fantasme

We excited to announce the first edition of the Fantasy Film Festival in Paris! An opportunity for regional and international filmmakers to let their imaginations shine.

The Fantasy Film Festival team wants to meet, inspire and support the next pioneers of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

The Fantasy Film Festival is the first of its genre in Paris.

The FFF Lab exists to provide huge opportunities for filmmakers, producers and festival goers discussions, feedback on your work, workshops, and future support for your project.

The Fantasy Film Festival accepts Shorts, Features, Animations, Scripts, Works in Development, Web Series, music videos and VR.

Our focus will be to provide live, interactive entertainment throughout the entire festival. We want people to feel like there are things to do and see at every turn.

Aside from all of the above, you will be able to forge connections with your attending peers interested and working in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. It will be a day packed with insight, all developed so you may take your work, and ultimately your career, further!

Awards & Prizes

Feature Film Drama

Feature Film Fantasy

Feature Film Sci-Fi

Short Film Drama

Short Film Fantasy

Short Film Sci-Fi

Animation (Science Fiction, Drama and Fantasy genre)

Web Series (Science Fiction, Drama and Fantasy genre)

Short Scripts (Science Fiction, Drama and Fantasy genre)

Feature Scripts (Science Fiction, Drama and Fantasy genre)

VR – 360 Virtual Reality Creative Content (Science Fiction and Fantasy genre)

Rules and terms:

  • We accept all films, scripts, and treatments at any length specific to this genre
  • Proudly, there is NO restrictions on your work. This includes its premier status, profane language or offensive imagery, its age and/or whether your work has been made available online.
  • All conceivable approaches – including experimental, narrative, and animated– are acceptable. The shorts can be shot in any film or video format, in either color or black-and-white.
  • English or French subtitles are a must.

Our Partners


LIFF – The Lebanese Independent Film Festival
Beirut, Lebanon

The vision of the LIFF is to establish Lebanon as a center for local and international filmmakers to share global perspectives as well as independent thoughts to a large audience through film.

The mission of the LIFF is to promote independent film culture and encourage its development.
It is a platform to support and display the work of artists and filmmakers; a networking event that will bring together international and local professionals.


A Night Of Misfit Films
Arizona, USA.

On November 27th and November 28th, you’ll get to experience an unusual house party like no other, made up of filmmakers and movie lovers alike. It will be graciously hosted by Dineta Williams-Trigg, who is a well-respected filmmaker and actress and the founder of this third annual film festival soirée/wrap party for the local Arizona film community called A NIGHT OF MISFIT FILM FESTIVAL .This year’s edition of Misfit Films , promises to be another packed house of cinephiles watching, the most original cinematic oddities and enjoying adult fun. Dineta and co-director, Gauthier Raad, a French-Lebanese filmmaker, will welcome attendees and guest into their festival home at the Onyx Art Gallery, 1346 West Roosevelt Street in downtown Phoenix. 


CIFF – The Canadian Independent Film Festival
Montreal, Canada

The Canadian Independent Film Festival (CIFF) is an independent festival born in Canada, the land of diversity.

Our Team


Gauthier Raad

Gauthier Raad is a French-Lebanese filmmaker and producer. In 2018, created the Lebanese Independent Film Festival – LIFF in his homeland, the largest local and international film competition in Lebanon, despite censorship. The festival’s mission is to promote local and international independent films and to support the development of the film industry; and this by having a platform that brings together local, international artists and cinema lovers. Gauthier is also developing a Canadian subsidiaries of LIFF: CIFF and is a founding member of the Lebanese Film Festival of France (FFLF). https://gauthierraad.com/ 


Dineta Williams-Trigg

Dineta (pronounced DIN-eet-Ah) is a local actor, filmmaker, producer who has lived in the valley for 15 years. Out of the need to support a diverse Independent Film community she founded A Night of Misfit Film Festival in 2016. She wanted to see more representation of films that fall through the cracks of other film festivals because of not having large budgets or known celebrities. https://fullfigureproduction.com/ 

Please submit your film through FilmFreeway webiste.


Our schedule

June 12th – 13th 2021


14 Rue Lincoln, 75008 Paris, France


Reservations open 2 months prior to the event.

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